What is Mold?

What is Mold?

Mold is nothing but a category of fungus which is usually a small set of organisms that can be found everywhere. They can vary extensively when it comes to colors starting from black, white, orange to green, purple and so on. They basically grow in warm, damp and humid environmental conditions. One of the most contaminating attributes of mold is that it spreads very fast and also reproduces in the form of spores.

Aspergillus is one of the commonest types of mold which is usually yellowish to black or gray in colour. You can find this sort of fungi on your food, leather surfaces, damp areas at your home and so on. The next potent yet lesser known type of mold which can be found in the environment is Cladosporium. It is usually green or black in colour. The most common places where you can find this mold are air ducts, painted materials, plumbing fixers etc.

Moreover, when it comes to harmfulness, Stachybotrys Chartarum which is also knows as “black mold’’ is the most widely available one. It is black in colour and if this mold grows in your home or business then immediate actions should be taken to get rid of that. Otherwise, it might cause serious damage to your health and the structure of the house.

As mold is basically found in damp places, you should always check the leaky roofs, pipes, and windows first in your house when it comes to mold testing. Molds need to be cleared off instantly. It’s because they spread very fast and within just a few days, they can collapse the surfaces and materials like drywall, insulation, cardboard, paper products etc.


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