Signs of Mold Infestation

Signs of Mold Infestation

Mold is definitely a suspicious and serious issue which can have a negative affect on your property and cause various health effects. If you notice even a single sign of it then you must call for an inspection. Mostly, molds are visible. In that case, just after you see it, you can proceed accordingly. But, sometimes mold might not be visible at all. Still, it is possible for you to notice if there’s any infestation or not. One of the common ways is checking out if there’s any unpleasant musty odor or not. If it so, it is sure that there’s a mold infestation in your house. The toxic compounds that they produce are responsible for creating such an obnoxious smell. You must deal with even any slightest sign of mold immediately. If, in any case, you fail then the patches of mold attack will keep on growing and become a bigger nuisance in no time.

While looking for signs of mold infestation, our experts will go for a step-by-step process. They will first examine the areas visually for any sign of observable mold growth and confirm. The major factors that they look for while doing the test are mentioned below:

  • Any damage in the structure

Mostly, all the molds which grow rapidly affect the surface where it is growing. It might end up with various disturbing symptoms which are discussed below:

  • Distorted wood

It’s because of water infiltration, the wood will end up having a soggy look. Finally, it causes the wooden structures to bend and curl up in various places.

  • Surface markings

When walls and various surfaces get infested by mold growth then it causes a number of markings and discolorations in them. Also, stains represent a very particular sign and symptom of mold growth in that definite area.

  • Water Leaks

There will be some visible signs of water leaks that you will obviously witness. The mold has started growing extensively or not, there can be various yellow water stains which can cause serious damage.

  • Paint flaking

If you see that paints of the wall have started flaking out then it might be the cause that mold is present besides the wall. It can altogether change the entire look of your wall.

  • Black spotting in bathroom tiles

Mold often proliferates very fast in the bathroom area as because there is a constant presence of moisture there. Also, molds grow very fast in the tiles because of their texture and spacing. Finally, moisture and dust combine together in the bathroom tiles to let the molds grow really rapidly.

  • Adhesive Malfunctions

If there is some adhesive sort of thing present in the wall, it causes a malfunction. This is the commonest sign of water intrusion. Dry wall adhesives are such that they stick to the wall firmly. Now, if there is any existence of moisture on the surface then the adhesive will not work entirely and will detach from the wall right away.

  • Mold

This is one of the most intricate signs of mold and that is nothing but the mold itself.

  • Gutter Malfunctions

If the gutters are malfunctioned at your home then it can finally lead to serious damage to your house structure. And, there’s a fair chance that mold growth will happen extensively then.


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