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Mold Removal Service in Miami, FL

Mold is basically a type of fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. This mold usually grows in damp and dimly-lit areas. It is often found in places like in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms. Moreover, you can also find mold in areas where there is a leak or water infiltration. This mold growth can be harmful to you and your family.

So, if there is mold in your house that you want to get rid of then just contact us as we are South Florida Mold Specialist. We offer a number of services including mold removal in Miami. We have a team of specialist that offer licensed, insured and certified mold assessment and remediation. We use the latest gadgets and equipment to inspect the mold and then take preventive measures.

If you are experiencing mold growth in your home or business please feel free to contact one of our representatives at South Florida Mold Specialist that offers mold removal services in Miami, Florida.

Benefits of Mold Removal

Prevent further Fungal growth

  • Mold spreads quickly and it is hard to find the source of the fungus. In such cases, you can hire mold removal in Miami as they can easily source the moisture that allows mold to grow. Our Licensed mold assessors and remediators will locate all sources of water intrusion using the latest equipment such as thermal imaging and moisture readers.
  • Drying and Disinfecting
  • Drying and disinfection are extremely vital during the mold remediation process. If affected substances such as sheetrock, wood and metal are left moist the mold can regrow in the future. Our team at South Florida Mold Specialist use the latest drying equipment such as Industrial dehumidifiers and air blowers.
  • Drying and cleaning are also important while removing mold from a building. So, if you have trouble in doing that then just contact mold removals in Miami, Florida. They will have the proper equipment for doing this work.
  • Benefiting the value of your home or business
    Homes and businesses in general are thoroughly inspected by buyers and investors before purchasing. Mold may be a concern for these buyer and their fore will make it more difficult for the Home or business to reach its potential price. A mold free environment is a healthy environment for all!

Our Mold Removal Process

  1. A team of Licensed and insured South Florida Mold Specialist technicians will conduct an onsite assessment while investigating for any additional water intrusions with a thermal imaging camera
  2. an SFMS Technician will than seal off the work area with polyethylene sheeting and placed under a negative air pressure to prevent the further spreading of the mold in the workplace.
  3. Positioning Mold remediation equipment such as HEPA air scrubbers to constantly filter out any ambient mold spores throughout the day. Dehumidifiers are placed as well to eliminate excess moisture.
  4. Removing Mold Infested porous mold material such as sheetrock may be necessary as well as aggressively cleaning and disinfecting non porous materials such as metal and wood from an mold spores that may have affected the material.
  5. All mold infected structural substances will be completely disinfected with an anti microbial coating for mold removal in miami to prevent future mold grow
  6. Wood and stone work, if and when necessary will be disinfected with microban.
  7. After completion of the mold remediation all areas and surfaces will be HEPA vacuumed to prevent future mold growth.
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