Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters

A moisture meter is a device that helps in detecting the percentage of moisture in the wood. If the measurement is above 25% of the wood can be considered as “ wet wood”. It is important to handle this type of situation wisely as there are a lot of risks associated with wet wood.

This tool helps in identifying the moisture content in materials so that any potential damage caused due to moisture build-up can be avoided. A lot of home inspectors rely on this tool to detect the moisture present in materials. A lot of people in the woodworking industry also use this tool as it helps to determine the quality of wood furniture.

Moisture meters can differ in appearance but all of these tools will depict the presence of moisture in percentage ‘%’ symbol. Most moisture meters are used to determine the moisture content in wood. However, when it is required to find moisture content in non-wooden materials, such as concrete- a zero to hundred scales are used. Here zero is the driest and hundred is saturated.

Moisture meters include visual LED indicators that will allow you to know whether the surface is dry, moderate or wet with the help of the readings on the LED screen. Make sure to get in touch with us to know more about moisture detection and mould remediation services.

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