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Flood Damage Restoration Service

Most of the times mold are directly caused due to water damage and water leakage. Houses that might have been affected by flood damage have higher chances of mold growth. Our team is always well equipped and aware of the latest tricks and techniques which can help in getting rid of the mold effectively. It is important that the place where mold growth occurs has been disinfected accurately so that the house can be perfectly healthy.

Even a perfectly new house can have underlying mold growth which is why it is ideal to go for flood damage repair to avoid any serious health consequences in the future. This is why it is important to associate water damage with the mold growth in your house so that the roots of mold growth can be detected and treated effectively.

Mold grows usually causes when the property is water damaged and when repairing the leak is not enough. Sometimes it could happen that mold is visibly present even after the repair is done. In that case, you can get help from South Florida Mold Specialist which are expert in flood damage restoration.

Moreover, it could lead to possibly grow more mold in a home as the new homeowners did not associate the water leak with possible mold growth.

What leads to Grow Mold?

It needs three things to grow:

  • Right temperature
  • Food source
  • Moisture

As the mold starts growing, it will feed off on your drywall, wooden beams, joists, and many more as long as it has a source of moisture and nutrients. In this way, it will start to grow big and big and will lead threaten the structural health of both your home and well-being.

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