Our Guarantee

We are confident to offer you a guarantee of 2 years on our multiple services. The level of expertise that our professional technicians have is really splendid. This fact gives us the certainty to offer you authentic guarantees on Mold removal Service and Mold Inspection Service both.

South Florida Mold Specialist promises you a completely mold free living within the two years of mold removal service at your home. Our potent licensed technicians work tirelessly to make sure that they provide nothing less than ‘The Best’ service to you.

They make sure that their entire working process is a planned and organized one. Firstly, they will start by identifying the main reason behind the mold problem at your house.

Next, what they will do is control the humidity and moisture levels of the remediation area. Than they will create areas of containment to prevent cross contamination. Here, they will completely ensure that the health safety of the occupants is not at all compromised.

Finally, after disinfecting and remediating the mold growth at your house, our experts will apply an antimicrobial coating to omit the mold growth entirely.

The mold inspection service that we offer with air quality assessments and a full visual/manual walkthrough is an extremely thorough procedure and we do not lag behind in offering 2 years guarantee on that too. For this service, our technicians follow a perfectly curated working approach as well.

They will come to your home or visit the property where you want the service to be done. Next, they will use an infrared camera to inspect the area, a humidity monitoring device to check the humidity level and so on. If they figure out any mold present then our experts will send some samples from that place to the laboratory for further examination. Moreover, our technicians will capture photographs of any mold prone areas as legal proof.

So, you can now sense how authentic South Florida Mold Specialist is in their profession to offer you an extensive guarantee of 2 years on two of the most aforementioned integral and important services!

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