Health Concerns

Health Concerns

The presence of molds in our houses and surroundings is pretty dangerous. They can cause serious health ailments to human beings. If you remain constantly exposed to molds then it can cause definitely significant damage on your health starting from mild conditions like throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing to serious complications such as sinus, wheezing, allergy, irritation etc.

The intensity of harm that molds can cause to you is totally dependent on the duration of time for which you have been exposed to it. Some of the more common problems (besides the aforementioned ones) that molds can cause to the human body, if left untreated, are baldness, watery eyes, rashes, asthma, joint pains, hives etc.

Moreover, there are still a few more serious health issues which should be checked for all such people who have mold infestation in their houses. They include:

  • Skin allergies

Molds can exist on certain surfaces at your house with which your body can often come in contact with. Thus, if you are having molds on the environment where you are living then it is possible that they develop various painful skin inflammations.

  • Migraines

A constant level of irritation which happens in the human body due to the continuous exposure to molds can result in continuous migraine headaches. You might also suffer from strained eyes and breathing issues along with severe headache in migraine.

  • Fatigue

Although fatigue is the main resultant of excessive stress and tension but many times, mold infestation happens to be a vital reason for chronic fatigue. If you are continuously suffering from fatigue then probably, the reason might be mold growth in your house.

  • Internal injury

Mold growth is one of the main reasons for serious allergic reactions which often end up with a bleeding nose. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Stachybotrys strain then it can even lead to bleeding of the lungs, various respiratory infections, shortness of breath and so on.

  • Serious and intensified allergy

If you are prone to allergies then it is pretty sure that molds can cause even worsening allergy symptoms. It might be anything starting from irritation of eyes, nose, throat to other common indicators like sinus.

  • Digestive problems

Not only allergies, but molds are also responsible for various serious digestive issues which can be really harmful to health. People may show a number of intestinal disorders which may lead to vomiting, dehydration etc.


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