Post Mold Remediation

Once a property has undergone a mold remediation, it is highly important that the same property is tested and professionally inspected for signs of mold after the remediaition process is completed. The main purpose of performing the post mold remediation clearance is to ensure the mold removal process was done thoroughly and according to plan. At South Florida Mold Specialist, we check for visual signs of mold, ensure that the remediation process was conducted according to plan, and test the mold spore count of the air by performing an air test and sending it to an independent lab for professional interpretation. Our staff are specially trained and highly skilled in checking every possible area for mold in your property, and we only utilize the latest and most efficient equipment for mold testing and detection.
Our procedure for the post remediation clearance test includes the following steps:
– A technician will arrive at the property after carefully studying the mold remediation plan, perform a visual assessment to check for remaining signs of mold, and ensure the necessary steps were taken to eradicate the mold growth, during the remediation procedure.
-Air test samples will then be collected by our technician to determine the spore count and levels of contaminants in the air, which we send to an independent lab for testing and interpretation.
-Once the results have been received and analyzed, we will provide our client with the post-remediation clearance report which will detail exactly what conditions were found on the property, as well as an interpretation for the air quality samples taken.


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