Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection (Cultured Microbes in Petri Dish)

Mold Inspection in Miami

Mold inspection is the process of inspecting the mold growth in a building. If you have a mold problem in your home or business or suspect that you may have one then a full mold inspection is all it takes to find the mold. We at South Florida Mold Specialist are on call 24/7

We provide professional mold inspection services in Miami as our team is professionally trained to inspect molds. Our team will visit your home and first visually inspect the mold growth and its symptoms. Then they will inspect for mold in the surrounding areas along with its humidity levels using the latest gadgets and equipment.

In order to use it as a piece of legal evidence, our team of experts will photograph the possible areas of the mold growth and then make a full comprehensive and documented report according to it.

Every time we clean, we’ll provide services that include the following:

  • When to Inspect for MoldMold is a type of fungi that usually grows in damp and wet places like the houses’ attic or basements.
  • Water DamageIf your home was flooded or there is a broken pipe where the water leaks then there are chances of mold growing. Any wet place that doesn’t dry up within 24-48 hours could be contaminated to mold.
  • While Buying a HomeYou never know what sort of water damage may have happened in the house that you are looking forward to buy. So, the only way to find out is to do a mold inspection from South Florida Mold Inspection as we are well-known for mold inspection in Miami, Florida and surrounding areas.
  • After the House has Been UnoccupiedThis can be another reason for the mold to grow as the house has been unoccupied for months, there are chances that the humidity build-up can cause mold to grow.


  1. A licensed South Florida Mold Specialist technician will arrive to your home or business for mold inspection and testing in Miami to locate indications of mold growth
  2. The technician will conduct a full visual assessment of the location of the surrounding areas where the mold infestation was originally thought to be.
  3. Our technician will come equipped with an infrared camera. This allows the Technician to locat areas with excessive moistures behind the walls and floors of the home or business.
  4. our technician will begin to survey the humidity and temperature levels in the property.
  5. our technician will than procced to conduct air quality samples inside and outside the property. The outside air sample is used as a baseline to give the client a better understanding of what the normal levels should look like in their respective homes or businesses.
  6. when there is visible mold found during the mold inspection our technician will take a swab sample of the actual mold and have it sent out to the lab as well for further testing.
  7. we will document and photograph any areas of concern including visible mold, water damage, excessive moisture and anything that aids in our investigation of the property. All of our findings will be put in writing in a narrative report and sent to the customer which can be used as a legal document.
  8. in the occurrence that a moisture intrusion is found behind a wall, floor or surface, Our technician will use thermal imaging to document those problematic locations
  9. South Florida Mold Specialist will contact you within 1-2 Business days with a full and comprehensive explanation of the labs findings while supplying with a complete mold remediation protocol.
  10. in the occurrence a mold remediation is not necessary for your home or business based on our findings as well as the labs, a clearance report as well as the labs findings will be sent out to the client
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