Emergency Service

Having an emergency situation inside your home is a very daunting experience to go through. Whether it be a flooding problem from a pipe that as bursted, or damage to your property as the result of a fire to your home, we at South Florida Mold Specialist are always on call 24/7 to answer to our customers and provide professional guidance and immediate assistance to our clients, in any situation they find themselves in. Our dedicated emergency solutions staff is on call to answer any questions or concerns, and provide you with guidance on what to do should an emergency situation arise. Our emergency field team operation will then be dispatched to you, ensuring the best equipment and highly trained staff are en route to provide immediate assistance.
If you have an emergency situation inside your property, it is important not to wait to call us for help, as delaying assistance can often make a manageable problem that much worse. This is why we recommend calling us as soon as the first signs of water intrusions take place, so we can provide you with professional assistance and ensure you and your home are both safe and inhabitable.


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